Knowledgeable Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Representation

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows for you to put a plan together that helps you better manage your debt. Filing Chapter 13 will also bring all creditor action concerning your debt to a stop until conclusion of the entire process. This includes attempts to foreclose upon your home.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Seymour Wasserstrum has been providing representation for those facing insurmountable debt for well over 40 years. When meeting with you during a free initial consultation, he will help you understand the process and whether Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you. He can fine-tune a debt repayment plan that meets your family's personal circumstances and needs.

How Chapter 13 Reorganization Operates

There are certain circumstances where individuals will be ineligible for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing but instead will be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is therefore important to discuss with an experienced bankruptcy attorney the availability of such options.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be beneficial if:

  • Your home faces possible foreclosure.
  • You have a number of personal assets that may face seizure.
  • Your income exceeds the amount allowable for a Chapter 7 filing, but you are still unable to pay your debts.
  • You have a large amount of secured credit not dischargeable under Chapter 7.
  • The debt you owe could more easily be paid if reorganized in a manageable fashion.

One particular advantage of Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that it allows for you to "cram down" your mortgage balance. While this does not allow you to modify your mortgage on your principal residence, it does allow for you to modify payment options regarding other types of belongings such as cars and certain other properties.

Unfortunately, the laws concerning the Chapter 13 process are complex and require careful handling. It is for this reason that attorney Seymour Wasserstrum will go to so much trouble discussing your situation and your personal bankruptcy options with you.

Let A Skilled Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Help You

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